Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scars of woe

The torture of my memory,
Makes me wish I cannot see,

There is no light at the end,
My scars of woe I cannot mend,

Against the world alone I stand,
Drowning in water desperate for land,

The ghosts of fate are not my friend,
If this goes on my life will end,

Friends have deserted but hundreds of foes,
I'm filled with pain by Satan's arrows,

The agony I feel makes me lay down and cry,
I am sitting alone and wondering why?

What did I do to deserve all this,
What happened to the years of bliss,

Why should I go on what's for to live?
By my horrible choices I'm a captive,

The grief the distress the torture the pain,
All of my striving it's all been in vain,

The bench in the park is my home now,
My chances are gone I sit with head bowed,

O just one more chance to redeem myself,
It's all one need's to save himself,

But here I sit my live is over,
The time goes steadily getting colder,

And there you go walking by,
A flare of hope and then it dies,

You make yourself think someone else will,
You know its a lie and it's me you kill,

What would've happened if you'd hadn't ran,
What would've happened if you'd given a hand,

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Power of Music

"A cry of hope"

It echoed over the land to stay,
Over the field where the bodies lay,

Every day as the moon fell,
It rose from the tip of the grassy knell,

A skirmish with the day's dark,
A cry of hope a bright spark,

A piercing ray of hope to all,
The weeping mother's whose sons would fall,

The passing of the night would bring,
A day of blood of which they sing,

A hundred thousand heros die,
Another night when women cry,

But as the wailing meets it's height,
The sound erupts piercing the night,

A moment of passing fevor and cheer,
Conquering the day's collection of fear,

It rose from the hill and hung in the air,
Giving life to all listening there,

The day would continue with the battle of foes,
And the evening would echo with the song of woes,

BUt the coming night, brought mournful sounds
Of a traveling bagpiper making his rounds,

The music brings a heartfilling song,
To those whose hearts for hope they long,

Cutting the pain from the bloody day,
It sends the souls to their eternal stay,

THe day brings new thoughts of fight,
But it passes with the dawn of light.

Monday, October 29, 2007

War Poem

This is going to be a blog for just poetry, either mine or other people's that I enjoy. *Some will be repeats from my blog*

This poem is called, "What is Left"

They laid the dead man in the dirrt,
And all his happiness and hurt,

Faded away that day as one,
Despite which one on earth had won,

His hate and passions, love and fears,
Gone as the eternal sleep nears,

All his quests and goals are now dead,
O the sorrow of the life's bed,

What is left of this young man?
Nothing he is no more in the land,

And another one because that first one is short,

"Hope isn't gone"

All those years,
Missing pages in your life,
All those fears,
All those years of endless strife,

All the pain,
Built up deep inside,
All the hopelessness,
Been through All your life,

Please stop cryin,
It won't be long,
Keep on tryin,
And you'll be strong,

Your up against a wall,
About to fall,

Your life a life of tears,
And endless fears,

Your back is turned,
Your face is burned,

The waking dawn,
Crys hope is gone,

But Nay,
Keep strong,
For one more day,
It won't be long,

Just hold on,
We'll make it through,
Hope is not gone,
I'm here for you.